Regardless of your problem, if you are working through the legal system, it is important to work with an attorney who can aggressively protect and defend your rights and needs. At the law offices of Ken Busman, Attorney at Law, that is exactly what we do.

We have been serving clients throughout metropolitan New York City and the northern suburbs -- including in White Plains and throughout Westchester County and Rockland County and surrounding areas -- for 30 years. Contact our firm online or call 914-946-6555 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Protect Yourself in a New York Personal Injury Case

If you are thinking about filing a Personal Injury lawsuit, it is important to get all the facts before moving forward. Regardless, many attorneys rush to put a case in suit as soon as possible, even if there is no pressure to do so. When your settlement is contingent on the diligence with which the case is examined, you want to work with a lawyer who will carefully review the entire situation.                        

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Solving Your Marital Problems With You In Mind

Every marriage is a unique, organic relationship. Even though an attorney recognizes patterns and similarities in most marriages, each relationship is different. It is the role of a good lawyer to learn why a particular marriage is breaking up. Our goal is to find the least painful and most positive way to allow both marital partners to get on with their lives, while taking care and sensitivity to practice good matrimonial law.

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Helping People Get a Fresh Start for 30 Years

In the past few years, the laws surrounding consumer bankruptcy have become greatly more complex. Although bankruptcy is designed to provide debt relief to consumers and businesses, getting the help you need can be a frustrating endeavor. Because of the changes in the law, clients and their attorneys must present more financial information to successfully support their Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.

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Individualized Service to Meet Your Needs

During our 31 years of practice, we have represented numerous clients in a variety of practice areas. We recognize that each client has unique concerns, and we will work closely with you to offer individualized service. Please see our Areas of Practice page for more information.

To schedule your free initial consultation, contact our firm online or call 914-946-6555. Our firm is open from 9-6, and we have weekend and evening hours available by appointment. Our White Plains office is across the street from the Galleria shopping mall, and two blocks from the Federal State and City courthouses. The Rockland Office is three miles from New York State Throughway Exit 14B/Airmont Road. To best meet the needs of our clients, we are also willing to visit injured clients at their home or in the hospital.

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