5 Tips to prepare for your first meeting with a divorce lawyer in Westchester County NY

Marriage breakup can be a very traumatic and difficult time. In addition to the emotional aspect, most people find the legal process overwhelming and complex. The specialized understanding and practice of a divorce lawyer in Westchester County, NY can save you the headache of untimely and incorrect decisions. Here are 5 tips on how to prepare for the first meeting and how to get the most out of it:

First, prepare a list of queries – Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Make a list of all the queries you should ask regarding your situation. What are my rights as a spouse? How long it will take to resolve my case? How much will you charge me? How much experience you do have? Do you specialize in divorce? Be prepared that you will not get an answer to many of your queries right away. You probably will not like some of the answers you receive. However, if your lawyer is telling you what you want to hear, you probably are not with a right person. You lawyer should tell you what you need to know. Be realistic and ready to hear genuine advice even if that mean things are not in your favor.

Evaluate your finances and marital assets– Evaluate the marital assets and finances before your appointment with the divorce lawyer. Gather as much as information you can about the house, cars, bank accounts, stocks, and other funds. If you or your spouse has taken any loan, make a note of it. Your lawyer may ask for the income details of both husband and wife. You should understand that a divorce attorney in Westchester County, New York can’t represent you without accurate information. It may not be feasible to gather complete information. However, in order to get the best possible legal recommendation and maximize the value of the meeting, you must obtain as much information as you can.

Don’t be afraid to discuss costs – Unless a lawyer gives you an estimate, it is not possible to guess how much you will need to pay. Every case is special and needs a special approach and there is no way to forecast how complex your case might become. But you should ask to get an idea of cost as well as time for your case. If you have limited resources, discuss about money matters to avoid any discontent in the future.

Be friendly and comfortable – Your divorce attorney in Westchester County NY will be the person who will know everything about your life, especially about your marriage. Be comfortable with your lawyer and explain the whole story. A lawyer can make an outline of the case only on the basis of the information you have shared with him or her. Don’t hide anything. You must establish a level of trust and comfort with your attorney.

Don’t forget to carry all the important documents – If you have already taken some steps, for example, filed complaints or a case, bring all the documents and let your attorney analyze them. If you have received any legal notices or any other papers in regards of same, carry them with you.

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