Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New York

Helping People Get a Fresh Start for 30 Years

In the past few years, the laws surrounding consumer bankruptcy have become greatly more complex. Although bankruptcy is designed to provide debt relief to consumers and businesses, getting the help you need can be a frustrating endeavor. Because of the changes in the law, clients and their attorneys must present more financial information to successfully support their Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. You can still get out from under overwhelming debt — if the information you must provide is compiled thoroughly and properly.

At the law offices of Ken Busman, Attorney at Law, we work closely with clients throughout metropolitan New York City and the northern suburbs — including in White Plains, Westchester County and throughout Rockland County — to help them find the debt relief they need. Contact us online or call 914-946-6555 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Helping You Find Debt Relief With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In addition to producing more financial information, clients are also required to complete two informational courses before their Bankruptcy Petition can be approved by the courts. Even with these new hurdles, our firm has helped numerous debtors successfully discharge their debts.

In many cases, our clients were able to keep their homes and cars while discharging unsecured debt such as Credit Card balances, Medical Bills, and Personal Loans. Although the ability to keep your home or car is dependent on several factors, including its market value, as well as any loans or liens, our goal is always to help our clients keep their property.

Bankruptcy can put an end to creditor harassment, debt collection lawsuits, frozen bank accounts, wage garnishments, and foreclosure. Schedule your free initial consultation with our lawyer. Contact our firm online or call 914-946-6555 to get the fresh start you need.

3 Reasons why Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be the smart move

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