We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your personal and professional services in bringing resolution to a very difficult time and case that regretfully resulted in the loss of our loved one.
Your services and sensitive nature made our involvement in our "first attorney needed" situation, a lot less complicated than we could ever anticipate. For the entire period of time that was needed to complete the case and to reach an agreement; your contacts, sharing info and documentation of these added to our feeling of trust.
As the result; "Justice was served". Mr. Busman, your services will be sought for our future legal needs. In addition; you will be highly recommended to others who can benefit from your services and expertise.

Joyce S. & Charles S. Haverstraw, New York April 11, 2017


Several years ago, I came to Kenneth Busman to arrange for my father to draw up his will. Since then I have come to know him as a helpful and knowledgeable attorney and have had the pleasure of working with him on several other legal issues, including drawing up my mother's will, dealing with my parents' estate, working on two different real estate transactions including a purchase and sale of different properties, I could go on and on. In all cases, he was always helpful, knowledgeable, easy to get in touch with, and most importantly, flexible! There were several instances of real state sales falling through and other random issues that came up which Mr. Busman was able to tackle with great aplomb. I know that whatever legal needs I have in the future, I will gladly go to Mr. Busman again because I know he will be able to handle the transaction professionally and personably and I can always reach him when I need to.

Denise K. Yonkers, New York September 9, 2015

My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Ken Busman over the past twenty-years on living wills and real estate. Shortly after my father passed away I needed assistance with the transfer of his cooperative residence and placing it into my name. This was an extremely difficult time and there was not any question that Mr. Busman would be able to assist me with this process.

Mr. Busman was knowledgeable, kind and generous. He always made room to accommodate me and my needs during this time and he was very flexible with his time and schedule. When I encountered numerous obstacles, Mr. Busman was successfully able to cut through the red tape and negotiate with all parties involved in this transaction. His persistence and hard work allowed me to move forward and have the cooperative successfully placed in my name.

Ken made a very hard time and difficult process for our family a lot easier by having him represent us. I am proud to not only regard Ken as our family's trusted attorney but a friend of our family as well.

Deidre G. Yonkers, New York August 12, 2015


As a first time home buyer my wife and I didn't know what to expect. After an exhausting 3 months of home searching we finally found the home and got an accepted offer. We quickly needed to find a lawyer and not knowing anyone to trust I had to ask around. My father recommend I give Ken a call based on his past experiences with Ken. We were under a tight timetable and Ken picked up right away. He discussed the process and quickly set up an appointment for us to meet. Ken is very thorough and protected us on some key issues by fixing contract problems and resolving various issues that arose throughout the closing process. What I found most helpful was that he always called and sent emails to keep the client updated on what was going on. It took a lot of pressure off the complex process knowing you don't need to be on top of someone and always felt assured nothing would fall through the cracks. Ken had my full confidence that he was always ensuring our best interests are priority. Additionally, as a CPA myself, I found Ken works extremely diligently to ensure an efficient use of time and money. I would recommend Ken Busman to represent and provide legal advice to those engaging in a real estate deal. My wife and I can't thank him enough for making sure this deal was completed successfully and ahead of schedule.

Christopher V. and Rowena V. Irvington, New York October 20, 2017

Entering a complex legal case is like starting a journey – fraught with risks not unlike those on a long and circuitous trip. There are roadblocks, breakdowns, wrong turns and, oh yes, traffic cops. You need the help of one person who can take on many roles.

Ken Busman showed that capability when I presented him with a tangled real estate plan – and won the day.
In a short-sale case that more closely resembled cat-herding, Ken knew where to search, who to schmooze, and exactly when to push, pull, or prod. In the end I was able to purchase the property I needed after a months-long process that started with little chance of succeeding.

Through the years Ken has helped me with two house purchases, a divorce, and the writing of my will, as well as providing advice on several other thorny issues.

So – at the risk of trademark infringement – I would ask: Who ya gonna call?

Peter D. New Rochelle, New York July 29, 2016

My fiancé and I recently began the journey of first-time home owners. Ken Busman has been my family’s attorney for many years so there was no question or hesitation to contact him to represent us through the home purchase process.

From day one of working together Mr. Busman was very generous with his time and ensured that we understood every step of way throughout the laborious process. Mr. Busman emphasized his belief that we should work as a team and made sure we felt comfortable with the knowledge and power we had to do so. Ken was dutifully persistent if another party was not providing us with the proper information in a timely manner.

He made himself available to respond to any phone call or email within minutes – the clock did not “stop” at 5:00. Ken led us through the woods of our sometimes harrowing journey and remained the most consistent and reliable player throughout the entire process. We are so grateful to have worked with him and will absolutely employ his services again in the future.

Lara H. Monroe, New York September 4, 2014


Mr. Kenneth Busman’s represented me after I was run over by a snow plow in February 2014. Mr. Busman was kind, considerate and helpful right from the start. I always felt that he had my best interest at heart and was working to help me through the legal process at a difficult time.  Mr. Busman is a thorough and persistent person who never took no for an answer and always got the results needed.  Mr. Kenneth Busman is very knowledgeable about personal injury law.   I was very grateful to have such a kind and caring person working on my side, he explained things thoroughly and was always just a phone call away with any questions I may have had. The whole time that Mr. Busman represented me it did not feel like a Lawyer/Client relationship it was like old friends. I would recommend my friend, Mr. Kenneth Busman to all my friends and family.

Shonda W. Spring Valley, NY November 20, 2015

I retained Mr. Kenneth Busman to represent me in connection with a serious Motor Vehicle Accident in which I sustained devastating injuries.
Mr. Busman was confident, assuring and friendly. He showed attention to my case and was responsive to my concerns -- explaining everything as we went along.
Mr. Busman was a forceful advocate on my behalf. He has the knowledge of negotiating law, particularly with the types of Injuries that I sustained in this case.
Mr. Busman's aggressiveness in gathering all the facts helped me obtain a fair settlement by finding sufficient insurance money from several Insurance Carriers.
Mr. Busman was successful in obtaining a generous settlement -- without litigation.

Veronica L. Washingtonville, NY July 4, 2014

Mr. Busman represented me when I had cause to contact him after a trip and fall accident. I called upon him to help me after an accident that I incurred on a raised stone walkway at the entrance of a public building. My injury was serious and I required surgery and a long period of physical therapy. Mr. Busman's expertise in understanding the nature of the case was met successfully with his broad knowledge of Personal Injury Law.
In the course of getting ready for a planned mediation, Mr. Busman was a compelling advocate. He always responded to my frequent telephone calls about the law and the procedures that needed to be followed. I was thoroughly convinced that he had considered and attended to all aspects of the suit against the insurance company. Although my accident occurred in an obviously hazardous area, there were written and oral demands that needed careful attention and he was tenacious in pursuing my claim... I received excellent legal advice in a most provident manner that resulted in a meaningful and satisfactory settlement.
Ken won my case without the stress or strain that would have impacted my healing process. I was impressed and at ease with the way the legalities were handled from start to finish.
Mr. Busman's personal and professional manner is beyond reproach; he is honest and trustworthy and I recommend Mr. Busman for those who need the assistance and support of a Personal Injury Attorney.

Audrey S. Pleasantville, NY July 4, 2014

About 10 years ago, a friend recommended Mr. Busman to me as the best lawyer in the scope of his practice. He has worked for me on two (2) very difficult Personal Injury cases. Thanks to his knowledge and his mastery of Personal Injury Law, he managed to resolve these cases with a high level of success. Mr. Busman's dedication and loyalty to me were unbelievable! Despite difficult obstacles created by the defense lawyers in their attempts to derail and dismantle each of my cases, he swiftly counteracted them and vigorously advocated on my behalf.
Mr. Busman was also prompt in responding to my inquiries, but what amazed me the most, was his tenacity and confidence in solving complex problems associated with difficult issues.
I recommend Mr. Busman to everybody I know, because he is a high-caliber lawyer, a true professional, and the best kept secret in the scope of his Personal Injury practice.

Gerard L. Nanuet, NY July 3, 2014

I was a 45-year-old male, husband, father of 3, an active community volunteer employed as a municipal worker reading utilities when I received a career ending injury. Due to my injury caused by homeowner property neglect and improper placement of a manufacturer-reading device, I was forced to retire receiving only half of my annual earnings for the rest of my life. Feeling let down & cheated, I was introduced to Kenneth Busman. He was able to pursue my difficult Personal Injury case in a positive way. His compassionate, proactive attitude-- spending many hours and not taking no for an answer-- resulted in a positive mediation settlement. My family and I were extremely happy with both the experience and the outcome of working with Mr. Busman.

Richard C. Tarrytown, NY July 3, 2014


When I spoke to Ken in our first phone call, I was terribly traumatized and disappointed from a collection of lawyers from my past.

He sounded professional and very knowledgeable about the field of Matrimonial Law and we scheduled our first meeting.

I came skeptical and not motivated to deal with the case I was forced to be part of.

My patience level was down to the ground, but a voice in me said: “you showed up and this gentleman showed up as well - let’s get down to business.

Put All feelings aside!”

At the end of our first meeting I wrote him his first check - he was hired.

Still very nervous and skeptical but heading only toward terminating my case.

Ken showed me a whole new experience with honesty and a reliable lawyer besides me.

He explained every detail with lots of patience, he was punctual. At ALL times, he was the one that run after me.

Ken is a gracious man, with excellent work ethic and with 100% devotion to his case.

I feel blessed that I was referred to this gentleman ( New City Clerks Office ) and that I allowed myself to open up to new times and a new lawyer!

I highly recommend Ken Busman to be YOUR future lawyer!

Thank you Ken!

Ronit W. Monsey N.Y February 28, 2019

Ken Busman is a true professional. I hired Ken in May of 2018 as my Divorce Attorney. During the entire process Ken’s efficiency and professionalism never waivered. There were no surprises. Integrity and full disclosure every step of the way. I highly recommend him.

Alpha H. of Piermont New York February 26, 2019

Mr. Busman treated us like family. He was deeply concerned for the inequity and lack of responsibility shown to my children as they set off for college. Mr. Busman demanded that the Court uphold my divorce agreement, insisting that my ex-husband be responsible for his share of all college costs. Mr. Busman sought financial judgements that were executed toward my ex-husband and used all means necessary to guarantee that my children had the financial support to attend college. Mr. Busman is merciless as an attorney, as if he was fighting personally for his own family.

Kristina W West Harrison, N.Y. January 24, 2019

I hired Mr. Ken Busman as my divorce attorney in 2013 and was extremely satisfied with the outcome when the divorce was finalized in 2015. Mr. Busman's delivery of services as well as his expertise of divorce proceedings and the law allowed me to have faith and trust that he would advocate for me. During my appointments with Mr. Busman, he was an active listener to my concerns and wants from my divorce and shared his constructive feedback about child custody, my assets and liabilities, which allowed me to make the best decisions for me and my children. Mr. Busman was organized with all of my documents that I submitted to him as well as the documents that he crafted and submitted to my ex-wife's divorce attorney and to the court. During my divorce proceeding Mr. Busman was an excellent negotiator with regards to communicating with my ex-wife's divorce attorney. Mr. Busman was able to accommodate space for my ex-wife, her attorney, Mr. Busman and myself to meet outside of court on several occasion to discuss issues and work together to come up with outcomes regarding child custody, our assets and liabilities that both me and my ex-wife could agree upon in a amicable manner; which made the appearances in court go swiftly and effectively. I'm very appreciative and thankful of having Mr. Busman represent me in my divorce proceeding. My ex-wife and I have a respectful and comfortable relationship which allows us to co-parent effectively; I'm a happy single father. I highly recommend Mr. Busman as a Family law & divorce attorney for representation.


Rodney F. New City, New York December 2, 2015

Today, I am a very grateful “divorced” woman. I am finally free of the heavy burden that comes along with a Divorce and I have a very special and important man to thank for this: my attorney, Kenneth Busman.
I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Busman throughout my Divorce Action Case. I really don’t know what I would have done without him by my side. I was scared; I knew nothing about legal Divorce paperwork; how to fill it out; or even where the Courthouse was located in New York City. I was going through a very hard time – both emotionally and financially – and I needed some guidance and a feeling of security form someone I could trust.
After searching high and low, making many phone calls and having several meetings with different recommended lawyers all around Manhattan, I eventually met Divorce Attorney Kenneth Busman in White Plains.
Throughout my case, Mr. Busman was always available for me to call or e-mail with questions regarding my Divorce. Many times, he spent time on the telephone advising me and comforting me, and helping me keep matters in perspective. My case had many challenges, including having to locate my Husband (who was hiding out in Israel) and serving the necessary paper work on him overseas. I was terrified that I would not be able to accomplish the tasks at hand. Mr. Busman always knew just what to say to calm me down and he explained everything just right, so that I felt comfortable and confident that everything would fall into place.
My Attorney, Kenneth Busman has become my “Hero.” If you are in need of some “rescuing”, look no further: You’ve come to the right place!
I highly recommend Divorce Attorney Kenneth Busman to everyone I know seeking a trusting, intelligent, and very attentive attorney to help them with their Divorce.

Sarah M. Manhattan, New York July 4, 2014

Over a period of twelve (12) years, Kenneth Busman has represented me in Family Court, and most recently, during a Divorce Proceeding which centered on Equitable Distribution of marital property.
In Family Court, he was instrumental in helping me attain a Court Order for Child Support from a "deadbeat" dad and an Order of Protection. With his help, I received three times the amount her father wanted to pay and $10,000 in arrears payments. To this day, people can't believe the amount of Child Support I receive for 1 child!
Several years later, I retained Mr. Busman to represent me during a very bitter Divorce. My ex-husband liquidated our joint bank account and refused to pay anything towards our mortgage or the debts that were incurred during the marriage. To make matters worse, he and his attorney demanded that I either buy him out for $70,000 or simply sell the house. They were like two vultures!
I am so thankful that I had Mr. Busman on my side. His forceful advocacy and attention to detail resulted in me keeping my house with a buy-out of only $15,000.
He was and is my "Guardian Angel." I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Gloria F. Mohegan, NY July 4, 2014

Mr. Busman recently represented me in a Divorce Action and he successfully helped me attain a fair and equitable distribution of Marital Assets.
Mr. Busman has always been accessible and responsive to my telephone calls, often returning calls after his regular office hours -- and on several occasions, during weekends.
I felt Mr. Busman paid close attention to my case, resolving any issues I raised, fully explaining issues -- both pro and con -- in an understandable manner without too much legalese.
Mr. Busman pursued my case in an aggressive manner by skillfully using the applicable law and facts of my case to refute his opponents position.
I consider my dealings with Mr. Busman to be fair and very successful. His reasonable fees and attention to details resulted in the successful outcome of my case and my deep satisfaction.
I have had many dealings with attorneys in the past, but none have been as competent as Mr. Busman.
I highly recommend Mr. Busman to anyone who is in need of a matrimonial attorney.

John S. Sloatsburg, NY July 4, 2014


I met Mr. Busman 15 years ago to take care of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for me. He was very professional and was concerned about my needs. I got through the necessary details and was able to sleep at night. I recently contacted Mr. Busman again and, hands down, he is still awesome! I highly recommend Kenneth Busman and I award him 5 stars!

Dawn F. Yonkers, New York October 4, 2018

This letter is in reference to the legal help and service provided by Ken Busman. Before I finally decided to file for bankruptcy, I was embarrassed and felt that I was cheating the system. Even though I couldn’t afford to pay my creditors, I thought that it was my moral obligation to do so. When I met with Ken, he reassured me that many people go through financial difficulties and that many times declaring bankruptcy is the most logical decision. I was referred to Ken by a good friend who told me that “Ken Busman was the person to see regarding claiming bankruptcy”. I have to say, that I am thrilled with Ken’s service and support. Ken brought me such peace of mind. He even allowed me to pay him in installments. I have used other lawyers in the past for various services. They told me that my total expenses will be one price, but, at the end of their services, I am out a lot more money than what was originally agreed upon. Ken was true to his word. My total bill was what he initially told me during our first meeting. Ken even came in to meet with me and discuss my situation while he was still recovering from a surgical procedure! Ken is an honest, dedicated gentleman who sincerely cares for the well-being and best interests of his clients. I highly recommend the legal services of Ken Busman!

John C. New Rochelle, NY January 13, 2017

As a result of my divorce effective in 2015 and a house that was underwater, I had Mr. Ken Busman, who was my divorce attorney represent me to file for bankruptcy. Since Mr. Busman did such an effective job with regards to my divorce proceedings, I was very confident that he would do the same with representation of filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Busman went step by step with me of the documents that I needed to complete and submit to the court; he is very knowledgeable of the Family & divorce law and advised me as to which bankruptcy to file to meet my needs. Mr. Busman also counseled me in preparation for my court appearance to answer questions regarding my finances. Needless to say I felt confident in answering questions posed during my court appearance proceeding, which supported the approval of my bankruptcy. I am now working to build my credit in a positive manner and thankful to Mr. Busman for his support and representation. I highly recommend Mr. Busman as an Bankruptcy & Family law attorney to represent you during financial hardship.


Rodney F. New City, New York December 3, 2015

Dear Ken,

I was recommended to Ken Busman from my union, C.S.E.A., as he offered his services at a discount to union members. I am very fortunate that Ken offered a reduced fee for his services as I was attempting to declare bankruptcy and money scarce.
From the moment I contacted Ken, I felt sure that he was the right person to handle my bankruptcy. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable of the law. I never felt any judgment from Ken. I was extremely embarrassed and stressed about my financial situation but Ken was confident that he would be able to resolve my problems.
Mr. Busman discussed all the details with me regarding bankruptcy and kept me informed step-by-step of the proceedings. My case was quick and smooth thanks to Ken's efficiency.
I would recommend Ken Busman to anyone going through bankruptcy. He knows the law and makes you feel comfortable in discussing your personal matters with him.
Thanks to Ken, my phone no longer rings with calls from collection agencies. He has provided me with a fresh start. Thank you Ken for your excellent service.

Marge R. Warwick, N.Y. September 4, 2014

At the lowest ebb in our life together, AARP suggested we call Ken Busman and we did. To our surprise, he returned our call right away and we met bringing all of our records as requested. Don and I arrived early and right afterward this smiling man full of kindness radiating from his blue eyes, came in to welcome us. Relief flooded through both of us. My husband and I were tightly wound but as we conversed with Ken, we unwound and knew we were in good hands.
The process of changing our once solvent life to bankrupt is a slippery slope. Never once did Ken frown or shake a finger making us feel small. We followed his lead and in the end, it was painless. We survived. So thank you, dear Ken Busman, for riding in to the rescue.
We so appreciate what you've done for us.


Don and Charmaine Pearl River, New York July 30, 2014

Dear Mr. Busman:

I was terrified at the prospect of filing for Bankruptcy – both on the Corporate level and Individually. Many times I thought my family would be better off without me, since the financial portion of my business was starting to affect my ability to be a good husband and father.
A close friend of mine realized what was happening and gave me the telephone number of Kenneth Busman, Esquire.
At our first meeting, Mr. Busman reassured me that my world was not ending and that he would do everything he could to help me get through this difficult situation. Mr. Busman stayed on top of my case, contacting me on a regular basis, and guiding me through my Bankruptcy step-by-step. It was his compassionate and personable manner that assured me that my world was not ending, but just beginning.
Since then, I have received my Discharge and can now sleep again at night. If you are reading my testimonial because you are faced with a similar financial situation, I would recommend that you speak with Kenneth Busman as soon as possible.
I prayed for an Angel to guide me and God sent me Kenneth Busman. I will be forever grateful for his friendship and professional legal services and will definitely recommend him to everyone I meet.

John T. New Rochelle, New York July 4, 2014

Dear Ken,

I want to take a moment to thank you for helping me through an otherwise difficult time in my life. With your help, I was able to complete the Bankruptcy process with no complications. My debts have officially been discharged!
I can hardly describe what a relief this is. For many years, these debts have been a great source of turmoil for me, and were such a sensitive issue for me to discuss that I often avoided even thinking about it. Your caring and professional manner made it comfortable for me to tell you about the details of my situation so that you could give me the proper advice. I really appreciate how your communication style was both pleasant and efficient. I was always able to reach you whenever I had a question about something, and you always apprised me about whatever was going on with my case.
For once in my life, everything actually went exactly as planned, within the estimated time frame. I would feel confident working with you again, and would gladly recommend you to others!

Best wishes,

Caleb S. Yorktown, New York July 4, 2014

Dear Ken and Letty,

I wanted to take the time out to thank you for the way you handled my Bankruptcy case.
At the time that I filed, I had some doubts, since I was at the height of some very personal issues (i.e gambling problems) and my debts were beyond my control. It was a hard decision to make, but Bankruptcy was my only option.
When the U.S. Attorney/Justice Department became involved, I feared that I was going to have to pay back all of the debt. However, with your guidance and reassurance, we were able to provide all of the information that was required by their office and all went well.
Once again, thank you for doing a great job!
Please feel free to add my words to your testimonials.

Irene D. Yonkers, New York July 4, 2014

Dear Ken:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for paving the way for me to be given a second chance to rebuild a sound financial situation for myself and my three children. I am a single mother, and due to my divorce and some bad decisions on my part, I found myself in a situation that was “unfixable.”
After that first phone call, I felt more positive and hopeful that with your guidance, I could be debt-free and still be able to remain in my home with my children. We met not long after that phone call, and it has been a stress-free and comfortable experience for me to work with you. You are truly knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate.
Now I can put my feet back on the ground and move forward with a clean slate. My children will be able to remain in their home, and will have a mom who can smile again and appreciate the little things that I haven’t “seen” in a long time.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guided me on a path that has unlocked the door to a brighter future for my family.

Denise H. Suffern, NY July 4, 2014

Recently, we retained Kenneth Busman to represent us in our bankruptcy. We felt that our case was going to be complicated because thebankruptcy laws had recently been changed and we were afraid that we could lose our home, cars and personal belongings.
At our first meeting, we were impressed with Mr. Busman's knowledge of the new bankruptcy laws and how they would affect our case. He began work immediately with a list of all of the documentation we would need. We had to call many times to make sure that we were providing the proper supporting documentation and Mr. Busman was always very responsive, clear and showed a great deal of compassion in making sure we were on the right path.
As the new bankruptcy laws are difficult to navigate, Mr. Busman had the expertise necessary to lead us through the maze of paperwork. We felt assured that all of our concerns were being resolved.
In the end, we were able to keep our home and car, and successfully had our debts discharged. Kenneth Busman was extremely attentive to our case and was personally available for all of our court hearings.
We were very pleased with the fact that Kenneth Busman was instrumental in us achieving all of our goals. Our bankruptcy was not just the end of an untenable time but, the beginning of a new life.

Rich and Laura Yorktown, NY July 4, 2014

Dear Mr. Busman:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise and professionalism in the handling of my bankruptcy case. As you know, I came to you in a drastic state of impending financial doom - about to lose my home, receiving constant telephone calls from creditors and experiencing stress related illnesses as a result of all the bills I was no longer able to pay.
Your competency in interpreting and applying the new bankruptcy laws, as well as your attention to detail in processing my case resulted in my being freed of the crushing unsecured debt I had and allowed me to keep my home.
The debts I had accumulated due to a series of misfortunes and miscalculations on my part had been causing unbearable upset in my life. I am deeply grateful to you for your ongoing responsiveness to my needs, as well as the care you took to address my numerous questions and myriad telephone calls. Additionally, your grasp of the complexity of my particular situation and your ability to navigate the Court system to achieve success on my behalf was remarkable.
I really was fortunate that when at the end of my rope, a friend recommended your services to me! Again, thank you so much for all your help.
Yours truly,

Teresa L. Pomona, NY July 4, 2014

My husband and I were recommended to Ken Busman two (2) years ago. We were more than $100,000.00 in debt and after dealing with cancer, and the stress of collectors calling, we decided it was in our best interest to file for Bankruptcy. It was the hardest decision of our lives to make.
Ken was very supportive and very informative, always keeping us abreast of new and/or changing Bankruptcy Laws, and always steering us in the right direction. He is a very responsive attorney who always returned our calls and still, to this day, checks in on us to see how we are coming along with our new lives.
We had great success. Although we didn't own a home, we were still able to keep our cars, retirement, etc. Ken was our "Savior",our "Angel", as we call him all the time. We have recommended him to several people and wouldn't hesitate to retain him again.

CC and BC Larchmont, NY July 4, 2014

I was struggling with the financial ramifications of a divorce. It was difficult paying my bills on one income and I found myself falling into a financial hole. I was fortunate to be referred to Mr. Busman through my employee assistance program.
Mr. Busman's thorough, consistent, and supportive advice guided me through the entire Bankruptcy process. His representation made a very stressful and confusing process clear and concise. Through it all, I was able to retain valuable possessions that I worked very hard for -- like my vehicle and time share property.
I am grateful to Mr. Busman for all his help and look forward to starting this new chapter in my life.

Jamie S. Valley Cottage, NY July 4, 2014

You were referred to my wife and I by Longview & Associates, a referral service provided by my wife's employer. This was the most difficult time in my life and from our first meeting, you tried to reassure me that this wasn't the end of the world....that I wasn't a "bad" person because I had to file Bankruptcy.
You not only knew the laws and expedited the process quite quickly, but you provided an emotional support as well. I truly felt that you cared about what I was going through.
So not only do I thank you for your legal expertise, I thank you for the emotional support you gave me. You saw a broken man when I came in your office and you did and said whatever you could to help me get through this most devastating time in my life. I am forever grateful.

John M. Mahopac, NY July 4, 2014

After years of struggling with the financial implications of a divorce, I was referred to Ken Busman. From the very first meeting, Mr. Busman explained the journey of filing Bankruptcy in a clear and concise manner. Mr. Busman returns phone calls expeditiously and even contacted me when it was important to ensure I was on task with collecting the multitude of required documents.
He exhibited a level of care that I am sure cannot be surpassed by other attorneys. Moreover, he helped to ease the stress of a very daunting, complex, and humiliating experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is trying to rebuild their financial life.

Todd C. Yorktown Heights, NY July 4, 2014

Dear Ken and Letty,

Thank you for moving the mountain against all odds and without time on your side. I know there was a tremendous amount of work to do in a short amount of time. One might say "well, it's our job, etc.," and while I understand that I paid for your legal services, it's not every day that professionals do the job they are paid to do and simultaneously offer their genuine compassion and steely patience.
I came to your office last week as a stranger who needed proper counseling and aptitude for what the job would require. Lucky me that I ended up with that, plus two people I now consider friends.
Thank you for putting my needs at the top of the priority list. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
Please feel free to add my words to your testimonials.

With gratitude for your kindness,

John J. Nyack, NY July 4, 2014

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