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My fiancé and I recently began the journey of first-time home owners. Ken Busman has been my family’s attorney for many years so there was no question or hesitation to contact him to represent us through the home purchase process.

From day one of working together Mr. Busman was very generous with his time and ensured that we understood every step of way throughout the laborious process. Mr. Busman emphasized his belief that we should work as a team and made sure we felt comfortable with the knowledge and power we had to do so. Ken was dutifully persistent if another party was not providing us with the proper information in a timely manner.

He made himself available to respond to any phone call or email within minutes – the clock did not “stop” at 5:00. Ken led us through the woods of our sometimes harrowing journey and remained the most consistent and reliable player throughout the entire process. We are so grateful to have worked with him and will absolutely employ his services again in the future.

Lara H. Monroe, New York September 4, 2014

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