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I hired Mr. Ken Busman as my divorce attorney in 2013 and was extremely satisfied with the outcome when the divorce was finalized in 2015. Mr. Busman’s delivery of services as well as his expertise of divorce proceedings and the law allowed me to have faith and trust that he would advocate for me. During my appointments with Mr. Busman, he was an active listener to my concerns and wants from my divorce and shared his constructive feedback about child custody, my assets and liabilities, which allowed me to make the best decisions for me and my children. Mr. Busman was organized with all of my documents that I submitted to him as well as the documents that he crafted and submitted to my ex-wife’s divorce attorney and to the court. During my divorce proceeding Mr. Busman was an excellent negotiator with regards to communicating with my ex-wife’s divorce attorney. Mr. Busman was able to accommodate space for my ex-wife, her attorney, Mr. Busman and myself to meet outside of court on several occasion to discuss issues and work together to come up with outcomes regarding child custody, our assets and liabilities that both me and my ex-wife could agree upon in a amicable manner; which made the appearances in court go swiftly and effectively. I’m very appreciative and thankful of having Mr. Busman represent me in my divorce proceeding. My ex-wife and I have a respectful and comfortable relationship which allows us to co-parent effectively; I’m a happy single father. I highly recommend Mr. Busman as a Family law & divorce attorney for representation.


Rodney F. New City, New York December 2, 2015

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