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As a result of my divorce effective in 2015 and a house that was underwater, I had Mr. Ken Busman, who was my divorce attorney represent me to file for bankruptcy. Since Mr. Busman did such an effective job with regards to my divorce proceedings, I was very confident that he would do the same with representation of filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Busman went step by step with me of the documents that I needed to complete and submit to the court; he is very knowledgeable of the Family & divorce law and advised me as to which bankruptcy to file to meet my needs. Mr. Busman also counseled me in preparation for my court appearance to answer questions regarding my finances. Needless to say I felt confident in answering questions posed during my court appearance proceeding, which supported the approval of my bankruptcy. I am now working to build my credit in a positive manner and thankful to Mr. Busman for his support and representation. I highly recommend Mr. Busman as an Bankruptcy & Family law attorney to represent you during financial hardship.


Rodney F. New City, New York December 3, 2015