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Entering a complex legal case is like starting a journey – fraught with risks not unlike those on a long and circuitous trip. There are roadblocks, breakdowns, wrong turns and, oh yes, traffic cops. You need the help of one person who can take on many roles.

Ken Busman showed that capability when I presented him with a tangled real estate plan – and won the day.
In a short-sale case that more closely resembled cat-herding, Ken knew where to search, who to schmooze, and exactly when to push, pull, or prod. In the end I was able to purchase the property I needed after a months-long process that started with little chance of succeeding.

Through the years Ken has helped me with two house purchases, a divorce, and the writing of my will, as well as providing advice on several other thorny issues.

So – at the risk of trademark infringement – I would ask: Who ya gonna call?

Peter D. New Rochelle, New York July 29, 2016

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