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This letter is in reference to the legal help and service provided by Ken Busman. Before I finally decided to file for bankruptcy, I was embarrassed and felt that I was cheating the system. Even though I couldn’t afford to pay my creditors, I thought that it was my moral obligation to do so. When I met with Ken, he reassured me that many people go through financial difficulties and that many times declaring bankruptcy is the most logical decision. I was referred to Ken by a good friend who told me that “Ken Busman was the person to see regarding claiming bankruptcy”. I have to say, that I am thrilled with Ken’s service and support. Ken brought me such peace of mind. He even allowed me to pay him in installments. I have used other lawyers in the past for various services. They told me that my total expenses will be one price, but, at the end of their services, I am out a lot more money than what was originally agreed upon. Ken was true to his word. My total bill was what he initially told me during our first meeting. Ken even came in to meet with me and discuss my situation while he was still recovering from a surgical procedure! Ken is an honest, dedicated gentleman who sincerely cares for the well-being and best interests of his clients. I highly recommend the legal services of Ken Busman!

John C. New Rochelle, NY January 13, 2017

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