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About 10 years ago, a friend recommended Mr. Busman to me as the best lawyer in the scope of his practice. He has worked for me on two (2) very difficult Personal Injury cases. Thanks to his knowledge and his mastery of Personal Injury Law, he managed to resolve these cases with a high level of success. Mr. Busman’s dedication and loyalty to me were unbelievable! Despite difficult obstacles created by the defense lawyers in their attempts to derail and dismantle each of my cases, he swiftly counteracted them and vigorously advocated on my behalf.
Mr. Busman was also prompt in responding to my inquiries, but what amazed me the most, was his tenacity and confidence in solving complex problems associated with difficult issues.
I recommend Mr. Busman to everybody I know, because he is a high-caliber lawyer, a true professional, and the best kept secret in the scope of his Personal Injury practice.

Gerard L. Nanuet, NY July 3, 2014

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