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Recently, we retained Kenneth Busman to represent us in our bankruptcy. We felt that our case was going to be complicated because thebankruptcy laws had recently been changed and we were afraid that we could lose our home, cars and personal belongings.
At our first meeting, we were impressed with Mr. Busman’s knowledge of the new bankruptcy laws and how they would affect our case. He began work immediately with a list of all of the documentation we would need. We had to call many times to make sure that we were providing the proper supporting documentation and Mr. Busman was always very responsive, clear and showed a great deal of compassion in making sure we were on the right path.
As the new bankruptcy laws are difficult to navigate, Mr. Busman had the expertise necessary to lead us through the maze of paperwork. We felt assured that all of our concerns were being resolved.
In the end, we were able to keep our home and car, and successfully had our debts discharged. Kenneth Busman was extremely attentive to our case and was personally available for all of our court hearings.
We were very pleased with the fact that Kenneth Busman was instrumental in us achieving all of our goals. Our bankruptcy was not just the end of an untenable time but, the beginning of a new life.

Rich and Laura Yorktown, NY July 4, 2014

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