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Dear Ken,

I want to take a moment to thank you for helping me through an otherwise difficult time in my life. With your help, I was able to complete the Bankruptcy process with no complications. My debts have officially been discharged!
I can hardly describe what a relief this is. For many years, these debts have been a great source of turmoil for me, and were such a sensitive issue for me to discuss that I often avoided even thinking about it. Your caring and professional manner made it comfortable for me to tell you about the details of my situation so that you could give me the proper advice. I really appreciate how your communication style was both pleasant and efficient. I was always able to reach you whenever I had a question about something, and you always apprised me about whatever was going on with my case.
For once in my life, everything actually went exactly as planned, within the estimated time frame. I would feel confident working with you again, and would gladly recommend you to others!

Best wishes,

Caleb S. Yorktown, New York July 4, 2014

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