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Over a period of twelve (12) years, Kenneth Busman has represented me in Family Court, and most recently, during a Divorce Proceeding which centered on Equitable Distribution of marital property.
In Family Court, he was instrumental in helping me attain a Court Order for Child Support from a “deadbeat” dad and an Order of Protection. With his help, I received three times the amount her father wanted to pay and $10,000 in arrears payments. To this day, people can’t believe the amount of Child Support I receive for 1 child!
Several years later, I retained Mr. Busman to represent me during a very bitter Divorce. My ex-husband liquidated our joint bank account and refused to pay anything towards our mortgage or the debts that were incurred during the marriage. To make matters worse, he and his attorney demanded that I either buy him out for $70,000 or simply sell the house. They were like two vultures!
I am so thankful that I had Mr. Busman on my side. His forceful advocacy and attention to detail resulted in me keeping my house with a buy-out of only $15,000.
He was and is my “Guardian Angel.” I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Gloria F. Mohegan, NY July 4, 2014

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