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At the lowest ebb in our life together, AARP suggested we call Ken Busman and we did. To our surprise, he returned our call right away and we met bringing all of our records as requested. Don and I arrived early and right afterward this smiling man full of kindness radiating from his blue eyes, came in to welcome us. Relief flooded through both of us. My husband and I were tightly wound but as we conversed with Ken, we unwound and knew we were in good hands.
The process of changing our once solvent life to bankrupt is a slippery slope. Never once did Ken frown or shake a finger making us feel small. We followed his lead and in the end, it was painless. We survived. So thank you, dear Ken Busman, for riding in to the rescue.
We so appreciate what you’ve done for us.


Don and Charmaine Pearl River, New York July 30, 2014

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