Top 5 questions to ask when selecting a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in White Plains NY

In the previous blog posts, I talked about how your chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in White Plains New York can advise you if filing for bankruptcy may be a smart move for you. I also talked about the things you to prepare before working with a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in White Plains NY
In this blog post I talk about the questions you should ask when Choosing a bankruptcy attorney.
The most competent attorneys are in high demand. Being prepared is an important step you can take to get a high demand bankruptcy attorney motivated to take on your case. Asking the right questions in the selection process is important to show that you are prepared and to confirm that the attorney you are talking to is the right fit for you.
Here are some of the important questions to ask, however, please note that the information outlined below cannot be construed as legal advice or a substitute for legal advice. To discuss the specifics of your situation, please reach out the law office of Ken Busman ESQ and request to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney. Our Westchester county offices are located in White Plains NY and our Rockland County office is located in Suffern NY. Call 914-946-6555 or write to us today!

How long have you been practicing Bankruptcy law in New York?
Bankruptcy is a highly complex process and this area of law with its own rules and procedures. It is therefore important to work with someone who has experience of successfully handling bankruptcy cases and will know what it takes to win. Moreover, the laws are different from state to state and each state has its own licensing requirements. Make sure that the attorney you are working with has a strong track record in the state of New York.

Have you worked on a bankruptcy case similar to mine?
Even within Bankruptcy cases different situations may arise. For instance, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is different than Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Is your bankruptcy related to discharging student loans or is it due to unforeseen medical expenses? Review your specific situation and ask your bankruptcy attorney whether they have handled cases similar to yours.

Who will prepare my paperwork?
The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy process in New York requires accurate completion of complex paperwork. Good bankruptcy lawyers review your financial information and are responsible for the paperwork even if they may use a paralegal or a legal assistant on some administrative tasks. If you are from White Plains, NY, then it is important that you develop a good working relationship with your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney in White Plains NY so that all the necessary paperwork is appropriately handled.
What are the risks associated with my case?
It is important that you feel that your attorney is being upfront and professional in making you aware of the risks that you face. For example, if it is likely that you will lose some of your property or you may not be able to discharge some of the debt, your attorney should tell you about this in candid terms. Asking this will also help you get a sense of how your attorney will be working with you and if that is something you are comfortable with.

How much will my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cost?
Costs depend on the area and the complexity. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases in White Plains NY and neighboring regions in New York would be different than the costs in a different region or different state. The more complex the case, usually, the higher the fee. Do beware of unusually low advertised fees for the area as it is questionable how much and what quality advice and support you will get.
With the right preparation and working with your bankruptcy attorney in White Plains NY you can develop the right strategy to navigate what is a highly complex and emotionally tumultuous process.
Please contact the law office of Ken Busman ESQ and request to schedule your free consultation with an attorney.

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